Wood decking in Perth: beautiful custom-built decks, outdoor privacy screens, garden screening & gates that last the test of time…

We believe wooden decking should be long-lasting, beautiful to look at and able to withstand the harsh Western Australian summers. At Revive Landscaping, we specialise in the installation of pool decking, patios and custom installations.

Plus, we can supply your favourite hardwoods for your installation, including:

  • jarrah
  • batu
  • spotted gum
  • merbau
  • mahogany

We’re conscious of the importance of sourcing sustainable decking materials from environmentally friendly channels. In keeping with sustainability, we also use composite decking, which has a much smaller ecological footprint while still looking fantastic in any outdoor setting.

We take great pride in our workmanship and ensure all exterior grade decks and screens sanded back and oiled to the highest quality finish.

Custom fabrication

Fancy something bespoke? How about built-in benches or chairs? Or cleverly built in cupboards discreetly built into your walls? We can also build dining tables, patios or pergolas, just as you’d like them. Custom fabrication gives your home for unique, inimitable style and look sophisticated, seamless and timeless.

Types of outdoor privacy screens

In addition to installing wooden decking in Perth, Revive Landscaping can also create eye-catching outdoor screens that enhance the look of your property while providing more peace, privacy and shade. These products may feature fixed or adjustable louvres and are available in a range of styles. Options include:

  • Timber screening – Traditional timber screens offer rustic appeal as well as a sense of privacy on your outdoor decking.
  • Laser-cut screeningEven the most intricate designs can be etched into this type of screen. Combined with a clever lighting design, laser screening will take your outdoor look to the next level
  • Aluminium screening – For a sleek and modern feel, aluminium screening provides privacy suitable to contemporary design motifs.
  • Composite screening – This is an environmentally friendly option, with a small ecological footprint.
  • Bamboo screening – Bamboo also has a small ecological footprint, and the screens produced by it are every bit as attractive as those cut from more traditional woods.

We can also work with you to create garden screen panels, and custom fabricated screening to enclose larger garden spaces.

Fence & garden screening

In addition to enhancing the ambiance and privacy of your decking, there are many other useful applications for decorative screens and slat fencing in Perth. For example, you may install a perimeter screen to create a barrier of privacy between you and your neighbours.

A shed screen helps to conceal the storage facilities on your property. Similarly, galvanized mesh screens can provide a platform for your favourite climbing plant, such as a passion fruit vine, for example.