Extend your living area outdoors. Create a low maintenance (alfresco) outdoor kitchen & dining area to enjoy with family & friends all year round…

An alfresco design (outdoor kitchen) makes perfect sense for our wonderful Perth climate. Seamlessly integrating indoors with outdoors, alfresco areas can substantially improve the value of your property, and make home life far more functional and enjoyable.

Plus, there are benefits galore:

  • keep your home odour free
  • easy cleaning, low maintenance setup
  • perfect environment for entertaining
  • maximise your living space and get more value out of every square metre you own
  • create the perfect poolside dining area
  • create an unmatched ambiance through garden and landscaping

Alfresco design ideas

We can incorporate all sorts of fantastic features into your alfresco design:

  • heating and cooling: fireplaces or ceiling fans for your outdoor kitchen
  • blinds and screens: for privacy and draft reduction
  • furniture: daybeds or built-in benches
  • flooring options: tiling, liquid limestone, exposed concrete, decking, paving
  • cooking facilities: built-in barbecues, range hoods, ovens, countertops, grills, fridges


We provide options for a wide range of patios to suit your home and your desired finish. From Timber lined to gyprock ceilings and roof tiles to colorbond roofing there is a design waiting for you. Retractable and louvered are becoming more and more popular, as a means to connect with Perth’s fantastic climate.

  • Steel framed patios
  • Timber lined patios
  • Gyprock lined
  • Retractable patios
  • Louvered patios
  • Lighting design